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What is Slidee?

Webcams have long presented security problems - hackers can take over your cameras in an effort to blackmail, extort, or steal sensitive information from you. There are a number of ways to protect yourself from this, but none more effective than a physical blocking tool.


With Slidee™, we take it one step further. We’ve taken what we consider a necessary security device, and we made it stylish. With plenty of designs to choose from for all age ranges, everyone can feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that their webcam can’t be used against them.


Am I really at risk?

A major newspaper published a story in July 2019, where a flaw in a popular Mac app - used by over 750,000 companies - allowed any website to turn on & see through the user’s webcam without the user’s permission. Even uninstalling the application isn’t enough to fix the problem!

 And then there was the story of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf’s webcam getting intentionally hacked, where a hacker took compromising images and videos & attempted to extort her for money. Thankfully she went to the police, after which it was found that the hacker had broken into over 150 online accounts.


What do the experts think?

There’s a famous image posted on Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, where you can clearly see that he’s covered his webcam. He just used tape, but this has issues with leaving sticky residues, having to replace it constantly, etc. These are issues which are easily solved with Slidee™.

 But it’s not just Mark Zuckerberg; the former FBI director James Comey also explicitly stated that he always made sure to cover his camera as well. We think that if the FBI director considers it a real risk, the rest of us should as well. Find out more.


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